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Best Virtual Games to keep audiences engaged at events

Virtual events are a great way to plan for an event that can’t be held in person. It’s easier to plan because it doesn’t require any travel or accommodations, making them perfect for busy professionals with limited time and budget. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are turning their attention towards this new trend.

However, a virtual event should never feel like just another conference call–you want your attendees engaged and interacting with each other as much as possible. This article discusses some of the best games you can use during a virtual event to keep people entertained and interested in what they’re hearing from speakers on stage.


Matchmaking is an exciting way to make new connections and network with other attendees. You can join 1-on-1 video chats where you will meet people who share your interests, but the most thrilling part of it all is that you’ll never know what interesting person might pop up on the screen.

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Live Trivia Game

If your event needs a new spark, try Live Trivia Game. It’s an excellent 10-20 minute activity that will keep attendees engaged while delivering content in fun and engaging ways. Attendees would open the trivia game on their phones. The Emcee will push questions to attendee’s phones and display them on a big screen with correct answers shown when players answer correctly or incorrectly. Winners are determined by top points at any given time for each team

Elimination Trivia Game

Imagine a trivia game where you answer questions until you get one wrong. This is what elimination trivia games are like. When everyone thinks they’re smarter than the person next to them, it makes for an engaging and competitive dynamic. You can see this through tracking who’s remaining in the “leaderboard” of your contest while identifying finalists as well–the list will shrink down until there are only 10-20 players left before switching over to their names on that leaderboard instead.

Countdown Trivia Game

The countdown trivia game is a simple, yet entertaining game for your attendees to play at the end of conferences. Players answer questions and earn points depending on how fast they are with their answers. As time ticks off the clock, players need to be smarter about what they’re answering in order not to lose too many precious points. The countdown trivia game rewards the sharpest attendees while also providing an energizing experience before participants leave your event–everyone wants that last-minute goal rush from winning so much money as soon as possible.

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Name Wheel Game

A name wheel is a fun way to pick someone at random. The attendees (or the qualified attendees) are all on it and they spin until their names stop moving, revealing who will be selected. It’s suspenseful as everyone waits for that person’s face to light up with joy.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunts are a new form of team building. The goal is to get small groups talking and working together by completing challenges or finding items that have been hidden in the game’s world. Each challenge you complete will earn your group points, which can be used later for prizes.

The best games to play at a virtual event are those that will keep your audience engaged. What you need is an interactive tool for them all so they can collaborate with each other without any problems, even if one group of people may be playing the game on their side and another might not see what’s going on in real-time across from them.

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