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Booth Ideas To Make Your Virtual Trade Show Interactive

Virtual exhibitions are becoming more popular because they are cost-effective, and provide a great way to reach both local and global audiences. Virtual tradeshow exhibitors may find it difficult to display their products or services with only virtual displays. Luckily, there are plenty of interactive booth ideas that can be used in your virtual exhibition booth.  

The best way to create a fun and engaging event is with games. Games can help increase the chances for success by attracting customers which makes it easy to start pitching your products to them from there. When it comes to your virtual booth, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Virtual activities are great ways to engage an audience more fully and stop that screen fatigue from setting in. It’s been reported that around 59% of event organizers have gamification strategies in place that improve engagement rates so don’t be the one to lose out. Here are some fun ideas to make your virtual booth fun.

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Quizzes or Basic Trivia

Create a trivia or quiz game for attendees to play during your presentation and allow them the opportunity to participate in live demos via video chat, webinar sessions, or industry-specific questions. Giving people a reason to stay till the end of your session will result in more conversions from interested attendees. One idea is that you could set up time limits on each question with various prizes ranging anywhere from free product samples all the way up to cash awards just by playing an interactive game. 

Show and Tell

A ‘show and tell’ is a game where people are asked to show an image or gif that portrays who they are in the best scenario. This usually leads to some great laughs because it forces you to interact with others when answering their questions about what your funny story might be behind this situation. Add more competition by giving out prizes for those whose response was deemed the most unique or insightful. 

Scavenger Hunt

It’s time to get your game on! Scavenger hunts are a great way to engage attendees, both kids and adults. You can have your participants find items hidden in the booth or set up an interactive puzzle station where they get clues as they solve them. Either of these will be fun for everyone at your trade show so you’ll see more traffic coming through the door with higher lead counts too—a total win-win!

Spin the Wheel

The thrill of spinning the wheel is undeniable and a great way to level up your booth. People usually enjoy interactive booths that they are familiar with, which makes spin-the-wheel games more appealing than ever. One idea you could try for fun is asking attendees to give their email address in exchange for an entry into your spinner game; this will be an easy win if all goes well because there’s no denying how much people love these kinds of games. You can also customise it by choosing colours or designs that reflect your branding guidelines.


Puzzles are an excellent way to break the ice and get people working together. You can host puzzles in webinars, sessions or even trade shows. Include your product within the puzzle for attendees at virtual trade show events which would allow them to familiarise themselves with it too while getting your oragnisation some valuable potential customer leads.

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This is not your traditional bingo game. Bingo can be played all throughout the live conference or webinar. Instead of numbers, you may use the name of your trade products and highlight certain words in your booth documents for a different twist to this timeless card game. Bing cards that are branded with your company logo cards are also an option so don’t forget about that when registering as it will make any event more memorable whilst giving attendees something tangible as a collectible from your event. 

Photo Booths

Virtual photo booths are an exciting way to connect with attendees. These photo booths can be customized for branding and backgrounds, taking simple photos or uploading fun boomerangs in front of any available virtual background. Users will engage with each other’s clicks by voting on their favourite images from the album!

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It’s no secret that games can be a great way to liven up the mood. If you’re looking for an interactive booth idea, consider hosting one with some of your favourite game ideas on your next year’s virtual fair trade show. Interactive booths such as these offer audiences effective ways to connect and engage with each other – not only will they have fun playing together, you can also have an even more engaging experience with all those who attend!

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