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Creative Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Virtual Trade Show

Whether you’re organizing your next trade show event or looking for new ways to market in the face of a pandemic, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Are you looking to offer a differentiated event experience to your attendees that will leave a last impression? Read on for  these fresh ideas will make your event a success and increase engagement at your next virtual tradeshow.

We know, there are plenty of benefits to hosting virtual trade shows. Virtual exhibitions have shown that an expensive physical exhibitor booth is not the only way to attract attendees. With a virtual exhibition, you get the full experience without any of those pricey limitations. Virtual displays are modern and allow you to reach thousands or even millions across borders, all from the safety and comfort of home. The use of virtual trade show exhibits is an excellent way to save money as well as reach a broader audience.
But here’s a major challenge you’ll encounter on your virtual trade shows; maintaining engagement with the audiences. Here are some tips on how you can elevate your content at your next virtual exhibition to attract audiences and increase engagement.

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Customize your Virtual Booths

A great trade show is all about the experience. You don’t want to have a bad booth or be unprepared for your visitors, so you should make it easy on yourself and create an awesome display that will impress people from start to finish. Your experience at the trade show booth will have a huge impact on your event. It’s also where you get most of the user engagement, which is why it’s so important to make sure that visitors feel welcomed and engaged with what they see there.

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Every booth needs crystal clear audio for proper announcements, and video showcases with creative commercials and product keynotes. Encourage brands to get inventive when setting up their booths – offer customizable fixtures so exhibitors can make a lasting impression with the use of unique branding or interactive features that will wow customers.

Better Product Image and Video

Create a memorable and immersive virtual trade show exhibit by investing in high-quality photography! Impress your potential customers by providing high-quality photography and videos. Show what you have to offer with tempting backgrounds, products next to each other or even an interactive 360-degree view of the product.

Host a Live Chat

Your trade show exhibit won’t be complete without a live chat feature! This simple yet effective addition allows you to view what people are saying about your display and keep the visitors interested. Live chats also allow attendees to socialize with one another, which keeps them engaged throughout their visit at your booth.

Set a Separate Panel Discussion or Q&A

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Create an interactive booth where your audience can come and ask questions, talk with the presenters, or walk away with a better understanding of our products. Your event managers will be able to host dynamic question-and-answer sessions by providing attendees opportunities for submitting their own queries at designated booths that are equipped with moderators/admins who choose which inquiries they answer. Not only do you get informative answers but also keep unwanted comments out through this system as it displays submitted questions in tabs on its panels.

Sell Your Product

When users are most engaged, it is the best time to strike and sell your product. You can take advantage of this by getting their attention with a virtual shopping cart or order pages that they can purchase from right away. Get in on those impulse purchases! Afterward, you’ll be able to track how many people bought what you had for sale during the event so that next year’s pre-event strategy will have more impact than ever before.

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With these creative content ideas, it will help you create a successful virtual trade show exhibit event. You’ll increase engagement with audiences and have an interactive experience for attendees. 

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