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Here’s what happened at the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival

Delegate is an online marketplace for vendors that allows users to browse event inspirations, compare vendors, and instantly book services. Our mission is to help you plan a fantastic event in the shortest time possible.

This year, the events industry has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, we’ve constantly been trying to help vendors get back on their feet through our Events Business Support Hub. During this period of time, the wedding industry has been thrown into unprecedented times. Both vendors and couples have been forced to postpone or cancel their wedding dates. Given that most people plan their weddings far in advance, we saw the opportunity to help wedding vendors connect to users online. We’re here to show that love is not cancelled, and neither is their wedding! 

Through the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival, we’ve created a platform to allow real-life interaction between wedding vendors and customers. Bringing the wedding fair experience online, couples can now plan their dream wedding from the comforts of their home. Over the weekend of 19th and 20th September, many couples in Singapore had joined us online at the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival. Here are some key highlights of the event!

3D environment

The 3D environment consisted of a virtual lobby with access to 5 virtual halls. This includes the main stage, an information booth, as well as our Delegate booth.

Each virtual hall corresponds to 5 categories of wedding vendors. The booths are namely Venues & Catering, Beauty & Fashion, Photography & Videography, Flowers & Styling, and Other Services.

Users can easily browse through over 100 vendors and access brief descriptions of their services. This is done before deciding to visit their individual booths to find out more.

Engagement between vendors and couples

Each participating vendor has a booth where they can put up their branding, resources, and videos in their banners and screens. Their unique promotions and packages can also be found when users scroll down to read the description of their booth. 

There is also a Live Chat function where couples can chat instantly with vendors they’re interested in. Also, the appointments function allows couples to pre-book appointment slots. Through this, they can set up a meeting with vendors in the Meeting Room to discuss more details in depth.

Main Stage

At the Main Stage, couples can watch webinars and showcases by various vendors and industry professionals to gain insight and tips for their wedding. For both days, there were 15 main stage performances in total, ranging from wedding gowns, jewellery and many more services.

In this GIF, we have iMusicians that brought us live music with professionalism, creativity and passion for couples on their special day.


The Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival was a huge success! Through a unique event that has opened the eyes of both vendors and users, here is a summary and impact in numbers from the event.

With over 16,000 visitors who made more than 800 appointments with vendors during the event, the shift from physical to virtual events is undoubtedly the new future for events in Singapore. Through the impact of technology, Delegate aims to be the new events company, redesigning today’s event experiences.

Vendor testimonials

Here’s what some of our vendors have to say about the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival.

“Thanks for having us, Delegate! This was a good platform for us to reach out to interested couples and vice versa. We have received a positive number of leads and enquiries. The platform was generally user-friendly for both vendors and couples – we like the chat function and the allocation of time slot so that we can better manage the appointments.”    – The Barracks Hotel, Sentosa

“I trust I’m echoing the sentiments of the team when I say that we’ve enjoyed our weekend participating in the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival! Certainly a fruitful experience and we’re excited to have secured interests and leads as well as a few site visits. I trust that the team at Delegate is on to a winning formula!”  – InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

“What makes the experience doubly good was the service and support that the Delegate team provided. The team was there at every step of the way, and problems were promptly solved and followed up on. It was also great that they did plenty of marketing on the Wedding Festival to ensure a good turn up of customers at the event. 

We also found the activities within the event to be innovative and fresh. It was certainly a good adaptation of what could be found at an actual offline fair. We particularly enjoyed the main stage event, as it allows quite a range of freeplay for the vendors to portray themselves. Overall, will Wedding Authors attend a Virtual Wedding Festival again? A resounding yes.”  – Wedding Authors

For vendors

Register your interest with us for the next Virtual Wedding Festival here!

For business partners

If you’re interested to implement DelegatePLAY for your company’s future virtual events, we can help you through completing this form here!

Delegate would like to thank everyone that has played a huge part in this journey to creating this successful event. From vendors, sponsors, the amazing team as well as all the attendees, we hope that you enjoyed the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival as much as we did. See you at the next one!

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