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How to use social media to boost event engagement

It’s been said that social media is the new word of mouth. One way to increase your event engagement, then, is by turning to it as a marketing tool.  Research has shown that people are more likely to attend an event if they see others posting about it on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. With this in mind, you may want to consider how you use social media during your next event campaign.

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Create your own Hashtag

The hashtag is a vital part of encouraging engagement before, during and after the event – but did you know that it can be an essential tool even when your marketing team isn’t running any campaigns? They’re especially important for events because hashtags bundle conversations about them making it easy for people to access these. This way they never miss out on what’s happening with their favorite brand! And don’t forget: Hashtags help you reach users who haven’t heard about your services yet so make sure yours includes words that are relevant to both current and future customers.

Make a Social Wall

Social walls are a very powerful tool to promote an event, boost audience engagement and keep the conversation going after it’s over. Use live social displays or embed them in your wall for displaying posts shared by attendees, speakers and sponsors that creates dedicated virtual audiences. It’s like having people flock to around a campfire – you can foster conversations with one another while also giving everyone their time in the spotlight!

Make Use Of Custom Filters

Get your customers involved in the social media craze with this simple idea. Offer them a custom filter or mask for their selfies, then collect all of those filtered photos and display them on one giant digital wall! With so many people taking pictures everyday it’s only natural to want something unique that will set you apart from everyone else!

Include a Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth connected to the social wall is an excellent way for attendees to get their fifteen minutes of fame. The live-updating album will automatically post all posts with your hashtag so that it becomes easy and fun!

Organizing Contests

Building anticipation of your event is a great way to get people excited. Running contests and ticket giveaways are just some ideas for ways you can do this without breaking the bank! Create buzz by running a contest or giveaway, use it as an opportunity to promote your hashtag and have fun announcing the winner; reveal who won during live-stream events where all attendees can see their name on TV screens in person when they win!

Post Questions and Polls

Being able to generate feedback, provoke discussion and recognize your audience is key for live events. With most of today’s social media happening online, it can be difficult to get the attention that you need in a room full of people who are tuning out their computer screens every few minutes. Involving them with interactive questions or polls will help keep them engaged from beginning until end!

Consider Those Who Were Unable to Attend

If you want a successful event, remember your audience is not limited to those who are physically at the event. There will always be some people that couldn’t make it but still love being involved in any way possible. Make sure they can enjoy the moment with live video streaming and social media updates!


Live-tweeting your event is a great engagement strategy. You’ll be able to share relevant content, quotes from speakers and other attendees using the live feed hashtag, as well as react in real time with others who are following on social media!

Image Credits: Pexels

Create an unforgettable experience for your attendees by making them feel seen and heard. The ideas listed above are a great way to do so, but it’s not just about the small things; you should also provide opportunities that make people happy!

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