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SEOCon 2021 Launches the Largest Virtual Conference in APAC

Background: What is SEOcon?

SEOCon started in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2019. The Search Engine Optimization Conference is one of the largest digital marketing conferences in Indonesia. The first conference in 2019 was able to host 450 attendees all over Indonesia. In 2020, they were able to hold their largest conference yet, with 1,500 attendees from South East Asia. SEOCon is organised by Toffee Events, in conjunction with ToffeeDev. 

SEOCon 2021: The Objectives and Accomplishments

With this year’s theme, “Search in the New World” the aim is to gather SEO agencies and practitioners around APAC who are looking to expand their knowledge in SEO & Digital Marketing from global leaders in the space SEOCon also aims to create a safe, healthy, and empowering community, to better equip and enhance SEO businesses with capabilities to take their business to the next level. 

SEOCon 2021 was the largest SEO conference with more than 15,000 participants from all over Asia. Featured speakers included over 40 SEO experts and practitioners who shared their knowledge & experience with fellow SEOs and marketers. 

The conference was able to reach more people since attendees were not bound by their geographical location. Having the conference online allowed the Toffee Events, the organizers of SEOCon, to reach a larger global audience that they didn’t have access to before; reaching attendees that are based in the  US, the UK, and Australia. A live Q&A was held in order to connect and interact with the attendees. Aside from that, the organizers provided networking for gold members in the group.

SEOCon 2021: What are the challenges?

Hosting virtual events especially at a time like this is both convenient and challenging. As for the challenging part, SEOCon was not exempted from it. They were concerned about three things: 

  1. Bad internet connection. Since everything will be held online, this is a concern for both the organizers and attendees. Internet connectivity plays a big role in virtual events and having a poor internet connection will likely ruin the event’s presentation and the attendees’ experience. 
  2. People might not be interested to attend virtual events. Virtual events are not new, but it might be to some. Since most people are so used to the energetic atmosphere of human interaction during physical events, they might not be interested in attending virtual events wherein human touch is limited. Also, the thought of staring at the screen for some time does not seem too exciting at all.  
  3. People might leave during the conference as they’re unable to network and foster new business connections. 

SEOCon 2021: What are the solutions?

With these challenges on board, Delegate PLAY responded to these problems diligently and efficiently. With such response, the conference was successful and has exceeded expectations. 

Here are Delegate PLAY’s resolution to the challenges encountered: 

  1. Delegate PLAY managed to overcome concerns with bad internet connectivity by being 100% mobile responsive. A large number of participants accessed the event from their phones. Speakers, exhibitors and sponsors were able to attend the event seamlessly, accessing the event on the go from their mobile devices. 
  2. Delegate PLAY was able to overcome the fear of having uninterested attendees by having a highly interactive and engaging user experience. Through Delegate PLAY, participants were able to explore the conference such as going to virtual booths and going to the main stage. It is as if they are attending a live conference. Delegate PLAY’s interactive virtual exhibition allowed the participants to have an amazing experience, they couldn’t even tell the difference between coming to an offline event and online events.  The only difference is you can watch it in your comfortable home. 
  3. Delegate PLAY solved the concerns of attendees not being able to network and  foster new business connections. Delegate PLAY has a highly interactive interface that allows attendees to chat with exhibitors etc. 

SEOCon 2021: Highlights of the Event

Through Delegate PLAY, SEOCon was vibrantly brought to life. Delegate PLAY’s virtual platform allowed a real-life interaction between experts and attendees. Last March 17 – 19, 2021, 15,000 participants from all over the globe had gathered together to explore deeper into the SEO world. Here are the key highlights of the event!

Real-life simulation through a 3D environment

Attendees were able to enjoy the event because of Delegate PLAY’s alluring 3D environment. The 3D environment has a virtual lobby which includes the main stage, an information booth, and the Delegate booth. 

Attendees were able to enjoy and explore the virtual environment; it’s as if they actually went to the physical live conference. They can go and visit virtual booths and go to the main stage. This feature adds the “in-person touch” feel to the event. 

Interesting interactions between SEO experts and attendees

SEO experts were able to share their expertise seamlessly and were able to profoundly explain new strategies to the attendees. The conference had an “in person touch” to it because of the live Q&A. 

Attendees were able to directly ask the speakers the questions they had and were able to have a meaningful exchange of conversation. There is also a Live Chat function where attendees can directly message the speakers and other SEO experts and practitioners present. Through this they were able to interact more details and discuss things in private. 

Impressive Statistics

The SEOCon was a resounding success! The largest conference in APAC was able to influence and inspire the SEO community with fresh ideas and highly effective strategies. 

With over 15,000 attendees and 400 SEO experts and practitioners, the shift from physical to virtual events truly testifies that virtual events are now the future of events not only in Indonesia, but world-wide. Through the ever-evolving technology, Delegate PLAY aims to be the new events company, redesigning virtual event experiences for organizers and attendees alike. 


Despite the challenges and concerns, SEOCon was a resounding success. Through Delegate PLAY’s interactive and engaging virtual platform, the participants had the best virtual experience. 

Virtual events may be difficult to host, but a lot of things that can go well if every step is planned and executed right. People actually want to stay and learn through online platforms. You just have to choose the right one and time it right. Start your virtual events and conferences now, with Delegate PLAY.

Delegate PLAY – An immersive virtual platform putting all uncertainty to an end

While the global events industry recovers and prepares itself for the new normal, it is the perfect time to look at best-in-class digital technologies to address client needs and preferences. To this effect, the recently launched Delegate PLAY is a game changer, enabling vendors to seamlessly host events and build connections. Delegate PLAY is a fully immersive virtual environment which allows users to host online conferences and exhibitions under one integrated platform. Event organisers, sponsors and attendees are therefore able to sync up and network in an online virtual environment, transforming a traditionally offline experience into an online format. To read more about it, click here.

Delegate PLAY helps optimize your events ROI by offering innovative features like custom virtual fairgrounds, real-time audience participation and engagement tracking, accessing events on the go from any device, and unlimited content without any geographical restrictions.

Planning your virtual event on Delegate PLAY? We would love to help make your virtual event a smashing success. For more information or a demo of Delegate PLAY, feel free to contact us via the form below. We promise to get in touch with you in a jiffy.

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