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Unique Virtual Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Event

There are so many great things about virtual events. Virtual events are a new way to have an event without the hassle of having to transport people to a physical locale and it can be done over any distance. You can have an event that is customised to your needs, without the need for a venue or catering. If you’re a planner on the go and don’t have time to get away from your office, this might be just what you’ve been looking for. Here are some ideas for unique virtual events that will inspire your next event!

Virtual Concert

The idea of a virtual concert is an excellent way to make any occasion memorable. To ensure that the event gives off this effect, it’s important for you to take time and really consider when planning these events. One major aspect which should be considered well before anything else is how immersive will your event turn out being in such a digital world. While streaming videos or pictures are both common ways people enjoy concerts from afar nowadays, they won’t provide as much immersion as something specifically made for the virtual environment can offer.

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Virtual Photo Booths

With the popularity of virtual events, photo booths have evolved to fit this new landscape. The best part about them is that they can be customized for any event’s needs – making it easy and fun. To take your idea a step further, turn all of your attendee’s photos into an engaging mosaic so people will get an eyeful when looking at their screens during presentations or receptions where you are showcasing what attendees get up to onsite.

Virtual Exhibition Halls

Virtual exhibition halls allow for sponsors to connect with clients in a way that is much more affordable than traveling and putting on an event. The virtual exhibit hall appears as if it were set up inside of the company’s website, branded according to their needs. Users can browse through booths just like at any other expo by clicking into them and be brought onto custom sponsor pages which are designed specifically around those companies’ goals such as video viewing or booking meetings.

Live Games/ Competition

A fun and creative way to engage your audience is through live competition or games. Not only will you have people checking back with the event’s social media pages, but viewers can also be more involved in what they see when viewing a demonstration of how something works via game-play demonstrations that are tailored specifically for their age range!

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Virtual Trivia Night

A little healthy competition is always a fun way to get people together, and there’s nothing more interesting than having the chance to show off one’s random knowledge. To set up an exciting theme for your event, divide players into teams ahead of time so they know with whom they’ll be competing. If you’re new at organizing online trivia events professionally — or if this will be just another game night option in which friends come over as guests -there are professional services that can help organize these types of games while also providing energy and enthusiasm during playing times.

Giveaway Sponsored Items

You could improve audience engagement by hosting a giveaway. The attendees of the event had an opportunity to win amazing prizes, and were able to see who won in the closing session because there was always some excitement about that last person’s name being called out on stage. 

Customizing Avatars

One of the great advantages of attending a conference virtually is being able to do so from any location. Using an avatar, participants can interact and see themselves via their own virtual avatars on the screen which they have customized through hair choices, outfits, etc., making for a more personalized experience that suits them better than just seeing yourself as you are in reality.

3D Virtual Environment

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine a virtual environment that can be customized to your needs, enabling you to create an in-person experience at any online event. This 3D platform of events will work well for brand activations and product launches creating what is sure to be memorable experiences with clients or potential customers alike!

Branded Virtual Backgrounds

Using branded virtual backgrounds is a great way to bring cohesiveness to your event. People may be recorded from different areas of the world, but using the same background gives viewers something they can recognize and identify with as their own.

Image Credits: Pexels

Virtual events are becoming a more popular way for people to participate in an event. Organizations have had trouble hosting physical, face-to-face events due to COVID infection rates but fear not because these virtual ideas listed above will help you host the most engaging and enjoyable experience possible.

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